Transportation Service

To ensure safe and sound travel of students from school to home and home to school at reasonable cost to the student’s doorsteps, KESS has managed trained drivers and well experienced helping staffs. Under the direct supervision and monitoring of school administration (Principal and Vice-Principal) safety norms are being implemented. Teachers themselves are very much concern and aware about the cleanliness, accidental cases, first aid and emergency matters. Management of attendance of students is made compulsion in each and every pick and drop points.

The following are the routes that are being used for transportation.


Sunthan Route

Pasthali, Bhalayobot chok, Sharada school chok, Sunthan Panitanki, Ward office chok, Om dada, school.


Devisthan Route

Devisthan, Omdada, Ratomate chok, Ganesthan, Bazar, School.


Khopasi Route

Pange Tol, Khopasi bus stop, Mayal Bote, Bhandari Gaun Chok, Bazar, School.


Bhandari Gaun Rout

Bhandari Gaun, Chok, Firfire Dada,School.


Roshi Rout

Roshi Bazar, Mulpi, School.


Chalise Rout

Chalise, Banjara Gaun, Kharibot, Krishan Mandir, Samudayik Chok, Bazar, School.


Kushadevi Rout

Kushadevi School Chock, Chamle,Seto Pati, School.


Basdol Rout

Ganesthan, Basdol Pool, Jyala Chiti, School,


Thadobato Rout

Banjara Gaun, Thadobato Chok, Dudhmil, School.